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By Timothy Budd

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Provides the result of an research into the problems raised through the improvement of a compiler for APL, a really excessive point computing device programming language. APL provides a bunch of novel difficulties for a compiler author: vulnerable variable typing, run time adjustments in variable form, and a number of primitive operations. in the course of the integration of a number of lately built compiler building strategies, equivalent to info move research, and a unique and house effective call for pushed or lazy overview method of code iteration, the writer has been in a position to produce a real compiler for the language whereas nonetheless holding the felxibility and simplicity which are the hallmarks of APL.

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The code generator has four major tasks: code selection, control optimizations, register allocation and instruction scheduling [DIN 00]. Code selection translates the computations from the upper stage of the compiler into efficient target processor operation sequences. Control optimizations reduce the runtime penalty of branches by predicating code [MAH 95] and by reordering the basic blocks [PET 90]. The register allocator maps the operation operands to the processor registers or memory locations.

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